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Let me join please Gracie.

Name: Callie
Types of Music You Like: Emo/Indie/Punk/Classic Rock
Some Bands You Like [At Least 10]:
1) Dashboard Confessional
2) Something Corporate
3) The Early Novembers
4) The Ramones
5) The Clash
6) Fallout Boy
7) The Beatles
8) Mae
9) Rolling Stones
10) Aerosmith
11) Led Zeppelin
12) Pink Floyd
...shall I go on?
Why You Want to Be In This Community:
Because you're my friend and I love music.
More About Yourself:
Music is my life. So is writing. And God, but you know that. I hate poser-punk (coughGoodCharlotecoughcoughcoughcoughcoughcoughcough) and I am into emo. And punkish. So I'm punkmo.
Picture if you can, not mandatory.
No picture.

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